Zubir Said honored with Google Doodle on 107th Birthday

Tuesday’s Google Doodle in Singapore marks 107th Birthday of music composer Zubir Said. Google Doodle includes portrait of Zubir Said at the center. Said is famous for the composing National Anthem of Singapore.

Zubir Said Google Doodle
Zubir Said Google Doodle(July 22, 2014)

Google logo is wrote with a musical style in doodle. Musical notes are flying over the logo alphabets in the Google Doodle for Said on 22 July 2014.  Hovering mouse over the Doodle, you can see ‘ Zubir Said 107th Birthday ‘ also, clicking on Doodle takes you to the search page of Google for Zubir Said.

Zubir Said

Zubir Said was born in Indonesia in 1907, July 22nd. Though he is a Indonesian, Zubir shifted to Singapore at  age of 21 and most of his music career is related to Singapore.

It is said that there are about 1500 songs in Zubir name. Unfortunately, only  few of these songs got recorded and are out to world. Zubir initially worked with Malay Opera group and composed songs. It’s from 1947, Zubir got wide recognition as a music composer over Singapore.

Since then until the end of life, Zubir Said became a noticeable figure in Singaporean film industry. Performance of his song in Victoria Theater boosted his career as musician.

Zubir Said died at the age 80, on 16 November 1987.

Famous works and awards of Zubir Said

Song composed by Zubir ‘Majulah Singapore’ is recognized as the national anthem of Singapore in 1959.  Some of other famous works of Zubir includes Semoga Bahagia, this song is chosen as theme for Singapore Children’s Day and youth festival.

True spirit of patriotism is mixed with Malay music in Zubir’s works. Many awards and honors were given to Zubir Said and his works. One of the song composed by Zubir for movie Dang Amon got best song award in Ninth Asian film award at Seoul. Jasawan Seni Award and Asean Communication and Cultural Award. Zubir Said was honored posthumously with a Life time achievement Award by COMPASS.

Zubir is a regarded as the composer with ‘True Malay Soul’. Google Doodle for Zubir will be present on Singapore homepage for 24 hours.