Yuri Gagarin’s Birthday Google Doodle

Yuri Gagarin’s birthday was celebrated by Google on 2007 with a special doodle dedicated for him. Google included all those things by which we can easily recognize who he is and what he has done in his life time.

Yuri Gagarin’s Birthday Google Doodle
Yuri Gagarin’s Birthday(April 11, 2007)

Yuri Gagarin’s Birthday Google Doodle  included the images of astronauts, orbit, space craft and aliens in it. The replacement of Google logo letter with space craft and earth made the doodle associate with the birthday of first man who explored the beauty of outer space.  This incident was a milestone in the history of scientific world. It was his flight to outer space in 1961 made Yuri Gagarin’s life an unforgettable one in history of mankind.

Yuri Gagarin was born on 9th March of 1934. It was to mark the his flight on 12thApril to outer space Google included this special doodle in its home page released globally on that day. From the childhood itself Yuri Gagarin had an interest to study about sky. It’s this interest made Gagarin to achieve this honor. After the primary education in vocational educational school he jointed aero club and learned to fly aircraft. This was the primary step he took in his journey to reach planets. Then after completing all his technical education he entered in to military air force and became lieutenant in Soviet air force in 1957.

Yuri Gagarin
Yuri Gagarin
[Image Credit :spacefeelings.com]
It was in 1960 Yuri Gagarin got selection in soviet space program and became a pilot in that. Among his copilots and friends Yuri Gagarin was a man who was liked by all. There took a voting process to select the first man to travel to space and in that all other vote for Yuri Gagarin and he became the first man to travel in to space. It was Yuri Gagarin’s determination and hard work resulted in this great achievement.

The first successful mission to outer space took place on 12th April 1961. In that itself Yuri Gagarin became successful and he also spend about 108 minutes in the space and completed an orbit around the earth.

Vostok 1 was the space craft in which Yuri Gagarin had the first flight to outer space. After his flight in 1961 in the year 1962 he became the Supreme Soviet of Soviet Union. In the very next year he became the canal of Soviet air force. The life of this great personality was ended in an aircraft crash on 27th March in 1968. Though he is no more his achievement make him remember.

During his life time and also after his death he was given many honors and positions. Many postal stamps including his picture was released after his death. In the year 2001 Russian rubble including the picture of Yuri Gagarin was published. He was also honored by renaming his birthplace to his name after his death.

The achievements of a winner will be never forgotten at any time this is what Yuri Gagarin’s life show us. This is the reason which made Google to publish this special doodle in the memory of Yuri Gagarin’s first flight on the anniversary of it.