Yun Dongju doodle on December 30th for celebrating his 93rd Birthday

Yun Dongju was a well known Korean poet who was popular by the name “Intouchu” . He was born as the eldest among 4 children of his family on December 30, 1917. In childhood he was called as “Haehwan”.Yun Dongju doodle appeared on 2010 December 30th on his 93rd birthday.

Birthday of Yun, Dong-ju doodle on Dec 30th
Birthday of Yun, Dong-ju(December 30, 2010)

Yun Dongju Google doodle narrates the way in which Yun wrote the poems.  Yun  work gets attention due to sensuous narration of daily activities.  By this he takes the reader from real world to another imaginary world. Frequently occurring themes of Yun Dongju poems were thoughtful consideration of the human being, the world, introspect and self-reflection.

He wrote poems for a long run and from his selected 19 poems he decided to bring out it as a collection intended to call “Sky, Wind, Star, and Poem”. But unfortunately he wasn’t able to publish it. Eventually his dream came true on January 1948 as his poems were published by Jeongeumsa, titled ‘Sky, Wind, Star, and Poem’, this Yun Dongju doodle points to this collection.

Birthday of Yun, Dong-ju doodle on (Dec 30, 2010)
Yung, Dong-ju(1917-1945)
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Yun entered the English literature department of  Rikkyo University in Tokyo , Japan in 1942. After that he shifted to  Doshisha University in Kyoto, where he was misapprehended as a criminal. He was arrested by the Japanese police and detained at the Kamogawa Police Station in Kyoto. His last days were spent in prison and at last he died in February 1945 in Fukuoaka.

In the memory of the poet, Yonsei University and others established an endowment for the Yun Dongju Poetry Prize in November 1968. In a survey conducted in 1986 he was recognised as ‘the most popular poet among the youths’. To this day, he is still one of the most popular and most beloved poets of all time in Korea. Yun Dongju doodle is a honor for his great works.