YouTube to host live concert of PSY’s Gentleman

It is a fact that Korean musician PSY is the most popular man in internet today. With a single song named ‘Gangnam Style’ he raised to the top of the musical world. Now he get ready for to entertain the whole world with his new song. YouTube to host live concert of PSY’s Gentleman.

YouTube to host live concert of PSY’s GentlemanGangnam style is became part of our daily life. It is the first ever video to hit 1 billion views in YouTube. Also it is became the most ad revenue making video in internet. Now Park Jae Sang (PSY) all set to release his new song Gentleman today itself. Popular video sharing website YouTube will provide a live concert on the upcoming trend music. The venue of Gentleman song is set in Seoul World cup stadium South Korea.

The event will start at 6.30 pm KST at Seoul World cup stadium South Korea. The fans can hope for anew musical miracle from PSY.  The fans expectations are in sky level stage as the previous release was a trendsetter in the entertainment world. You can enjoy the live performance of PSY in Gentleman song right on YouTube within few hours.

Overview on PSY’s Gangnam style

  • Gangnam style released on 15th July 2012.
  • Gangnam style word means the life style that found in the district Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea.
  • The movement that PSY showed in Gangnam style is nothing but the horse trot.
  • The first ever video to hot 1 billion views in YouTube increased by 6million per day.
  • Most liked video in internet.
  • Hold Guinness book of world record and Oppa Gangnam style entered to Yale book of quotations.
  • Ad revenue crossed $8 million in very short time.
  • PSY won many American musical awards for Gangnam style; He performed it in all over the world.
  • US president Barack Obama recognized the popularity of PSY’s Gangnam style.