YouTube rolls out 144p resolution videos

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website from internet search giant Google. More than 1 billion users visit YouTube in every month. Sometimes we get depressed by slow buffering of videos within YouTube because of slow internet connection. Now YouTube rolls out 144p resolution videos.

YouTube rolls out 144p videosYouTube provide videos from every category. It is reported that about 1 hour of videos are uploaded in YouTube every seconds. The uploading of videos not only done by the common users but also by popular people and Companies through official channel. As visual contents have more catching power than others most of us used to watch videos.

In YouTube we can find videos in different quality. It is varies from 240p to 4K. We always like to watch videos in high quality. We know very well that 720p or 1080p HD videos demands high speed internet connection. It also takes more time to buffer even in broadband connection. The 144p quality videos completely focused for users who depend on slow internet connections.

The 144p or 240p videos never take long time to buffer. It saves time and provides the content very fast. But at the same time we get only low quality for the videos. You can change the resolution of the videos right from the setting button within the bottom level of videos. So now you can enjoy favorite video using slow internet connection in stunning interface of YouTube.

YouTube overview

  • The third ranked website in internet.
  • One of the sub-service from internet search giant Google.
  • Most popular video sharing website.
  • Provides videos from 144p to 4K quality.
  • 1 billion unique visitors in each month.
  • 1 hours of videos are uploaded in each second.
  • Service localized in 53 countries among 61 languages.
  • Over 200,000,000 videos watched in each day.
  • Millions of subscription in every day.
  • It takes over 600 years to watch the all videos within YouTube.