YouTube rolling out new stunning interface

In recent months YouTube on their way of testing new interface. Today YouTube rolling out new stunning interface for the service.YouTube rolling out new stunning interface

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website in internet, third most viewed site in the list. Every day YouTube got one billion searches from all over the world. Most of videos in YouTube are uploaded by individuals. It is reported that 48 hours of videos are got uploaded in YouTube every minutes. So it is enriched with videos from all possible categories. The reason for why YouTube turns into new interface is that other than contents the site must be simple to use. The new interface allows users to access any YouTube tools much faster than before.

The new interface of YouTube focused on to provide the right elements at first. That is when you get into YouTube you will see the videos first. YouTube show up the title and social actions right below the video rather than at the top. Video description will be remains as the same. The playlist is available at the right of the videos. It will help you to choose the right video by searching while you are watching another one. The searching bar remains at the top and upload button stands next to it. You can experience a clean simpler look in new YouTube interface.

You are all know about channel subscription will help us to informed about when new videos are uploaded from that particular channel. The all new interface of YouTube give more preference to subscription button as it allows knowing about new updation without having searching out.

You can tap on subscription button from right below of your favorite videos. YouTube also added video guide at the top left. The guide will helps you to inform about your subscription and playlists. The guides also show off your video history and new videos in your subscribed channel. So that you can easily select the desired video right from the list.

YouTube also categorize the entire videos into different sections so that users can easily find out them at their wish. The main focus of new interface of YouTube is that it is only includes right elements so that users can experience a simple clean look. Also they sorted the elements in right order. The elements with high priorities came first so that we never feel any difficulties.

At the same time one of the features that is really wished by the users to see on YouTube is that the download button. Nowadays other sites and downloading applications are helps to gets the videos from YouTube. But it is some type of violation of video owners copy right. We get enjoy our favorite videos from any category by just going through the site. Aldo we can hope that the download option will coming soon. YouTube’s vision is to give the users a voice to evolve videos and make partners and advertisers so successful.