YouTube monthly users reached 1 billion

YouTube is internet’s largest video sharing website. Today YouTube monthly users reached 1 billion.

YouTube monthly users reached 1 billion

YouTube enriches with all kinds of videos, allows the users to watch, share and to upload videos. The advertisements within YouTube also increases it’s popularity.

It shows that YouTube have now reached to every one among two internet users in the world. Robert Kyncl, the head of Google Inc. and YouTube has said that video consumption through the site is growing much faster. Today as per the surveys we can see that YouTube streams video 4 billion hours in a month.

There is a great role in the increasing popularity of smartphones, tablets and other smart devices for the huge acceptance of YouTube. Analysis says that more than 25% of the YouTube videos are now played via mobile phones and tablets.

Android devices have a great role among the mobile devices for increasing YouTube popularity. About 4 among 5 smartphones sold in the mobile world is activated on Android platform and YouTube owners are clearly aware of this fact. YouTube have invested a large percentage of revenue over last 12 months to get its videos on these Android activated devices. Apple iOS devices are also so close to Android devices in making YouTube attain membership in billionaires club.

YouTube gives you many options to enjoy your leisure time by watching movies, videos and so on. The main advantage of this site is that it not only stands for entertainment it also have a rich content on each and every topic in the world. People of all ages can use this site for education, entertainment, news reading and more.

Gangnam styleAutoshare option, insight, closed captioning, annotations, skipping to specific time in video, liking and unliking a video, uploading and downloading using mobile phones and other devices are all some among the large series of features which makes YouTube best. Showing the list of recommended videos from analyzing the playlist that you have used before is the best of all features that YouTube provide to you.

YouTube was started in the 2005 February 14th by Steve Chen, Chand Hurley and Jawed Karim. This site with Alexa rank three have celebrated the 1st video which reached 1 billion view last year. It’s Facebook which first hit the 1 billion user record in 2012. Now YouTube also have entered in to the list. So the website available in 54 distinct language versions is going with the journey to achieve more and more records.