YouTube enabled tape mode to celebrate 57th anniversary of VHS

Today all we are uniquely choose for YouTube to watching videos from all categories. But there was a time when we used for Video tape recording to watch desired videos. Today it is completed 57 year of commercial video recording. YouTube enabled tape mode to celebrate 57th anniversary of VHS.

YouTube enabled tape mode to celebrate 57th anniversary of VHSToday we are blessed with super quality videos in full-HD mode. But in some years earlier there are only videos with noisy and distortive mode. Even though the VHS technology allows to record the events that we loved to watch again and again. The tape mode within the YouTube allows us to watch the videos in VHS mode.

“Not too long ago, the video tape was the media of choice for living rooms around the world. In celebration of 57th birthday of first commercial video cassette recorder, check out fun VHS mode for YouTube player to relieve the magic feeling of vintage video tapes. On selected videos you will find VHS button in the bottom right of the player, just click to turn back the clock and enjoy static and fuzzy motion of VHS era” said in official Google+ page of YouTube.

From today onwards when we surf through YouTube we will able to see a tape mode button in bottom right corner. It will be seen in a random number of videos. We can enable VHS mode of that particular video by clicking on tape mode button. Once we clicked the page redirected to VHS mode.

The VHS mode of videos shows noisy and distortion effects continuously. When we hit on pause button the video turns to complete distortion. It is pleased to see some videos in old commercial video recording mode. You can also turn back to current mode by simply hit on disable button. It is not confirmed that whether the YouTube provide this button for this day or forever.

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