YouTube app features with video suggestion for android and iOS

YouTube is the unique destination that the every internet users used to find out the videos. The different innovative features within this site allow us to easily find out the videos. Today YouTube app features with video suggestion for android and iOS.

YouTube app features with video suggestionGoogle introduced what to watch next feature within the YouTube in the last October for web. This feature allows the users to find out the related videos while they are on watching one of the videos. This feature also increases the watching time within the particular channel. Until now more than 1 million YouTube channels use this facility to increase the usage.

Today YouTube app features with video suggestion  for Android and iOS. In Google’s world this feature is inVideo programming that lets the uploader of the videos to promote them at its best. Also the channels can get the chance to increase the usage to next level.screen shots of YouTube application

This feature acts like a driving force upon the user to move across the related videos so easily. It helps them to being informative about a particular subject they are looking up for. YouTube also reduces the chances of crashes within service upon this updation. Also it will close the caption on live streaming over the service. This feature will shortly available within YouTube mobile site.