Your Facebook photos and wall posts can cheer your mind

The main factor behind the success of Facebook is that it helps to strengthen the relations through chatting, liking, sharing anf group formations. New studies revealed that your Facebook photos and wall posts can cheer your mind.

Facebook have been always the best way in this world to stay connected. Most of the Facebook users use Facebook as the tool to change the mind if they are in a sorrowful or sad conditions.

Study of Dr. Alice at the University of Portsmouth says that about 90% of the Facebook users checks of their own wall post mostly and others three quarter of the users look to their own photos in this social networking site. The utilization of the social networking site in this way makes your mental health satisfiable and cool as per the researchers report.

Dr. Alice Goods report says that reminiscent therapy is very good for limiting the mental health problem treatment. It seems that the people having problems due to ill health and mental stress will get relief by going through the photos and wall posts in Facebook.

The main hind behind this human phycology is that people will share or reveal only what they feel good. So seeing those posts, photos and videos a positive energy will be entered in to our mind which throws out the feeling at the present moment.

Though the study was connected with only a few group of people the finding that researchers found out was amazing. Now after the more elaborate studies and researches Facebook can be skillfully used as a medicine for the people in depression and anxiety.

Facebook was the only social networking site which had a great acceptance and unbelievable growth within a few period of time. During the 9 years journey Facebook included a database of about a billion users and more than 310 million daily active users. This is the world’s second most visited site.

A personal database of more than 1 billion people is not a small thing. This shows that how much people is addicted towards it. Surveys shows that it’s not only youngsters the main users of Facebook, people of all ages are using this social networking media to keep in touch with the family, well-wishers, relatives and friends.

This act of self-soothing to make your mind calm and cool by trawling through Facebook comes really successful then it will be a great achievement for the technical world. Your Facebook account will be remedy for your many stress problems in future. So the duties of doctors will get reduced if you have a Facebook account. Just imagine that situation, how cool is it.

Facebook users can now claim that they are not wasting the time by logging in to their account. It is helpful in one way or in another way. Today Facebook have become a social medium for communication as well as getting knowledge of what is happening around you despite of the areas that it covers.

The new changes that is been included in Facebook like Graph search, timeline and news feeds are also widely accepted by the Facebook lovers. So it’s sure that this research result can surely make an impact on treating mental health problem in people in a better way.