Google Doodle celebrates 130th Birth anniversary of Birds eye view painter Yoshidha HatsuSaburo

Google Japan homepage changed the logo on two consecutive days. After the doodle for Doll festival on 3rd March, 130th Birth anniversary of Birds eye view painter Yoshidha HatsuSaburo Google doodle is published on very next day, on 4th March.

yoshidha hatsuSaburo google doodle
yoshidha hatsuSaburo google doodle (March 4, 2014)

Yoshidha HatsuSubaro, artist from Japan, born in 1884 March 4th was known for his skills for portraying more than 3000 images in Birds eye view. In Google doodle for Yoshidha, you can see Google logo inside the landscape depicted in the birds eye view style work of Yoshidha. As in the doodle, many of his works depicts exact copy of places in a new form and style. Frame given to the image depicted in the doodle make it a perfect art creation.It gives feel of a drawn image for doodle.

Yoshidha was born in Kyoto, Japan. Main contributions from him was in Taisho and Showa period. Most of his painting and art works is preserved and kept in Museums.’ HatsuSaburo pictorial expression’ has got out standing acceptance and value in Japan in all sense.

Hiroshima city after atom bomb operation, Okayama City,Nanjin, Gifu, Kaohsiung and many other historically important places includes in the list of painting created by Yoshidha HatsuSaburo.

Yoshidha died on 1955, at the age of 71 in Japan. Today also Yoshidha and his works are greatly honored. iOS app inspired from his paintings is a clear example for his fame in today’s world. So, it’s not exciting that  search giant came up with Google doodle to pay tribute to Yoshidha HatsuSaburo on 130th Birth anniversary.