Yandex focused on Google and declared itself as the best search engine

Google Inc is the heart of internet and dominant at search engine field. That’s why the Russian search engine Yandex focused on the search giant Google and declared itself as the best search engine.Yandex focused on Google and declared itself as the best search engine

Yandex is mainly Russian based search engine. Yandex partnered with popular social networking site twitter for real time results. It provides the current updations on twitter about particular topic. Now Yandex plans for expands the service globally. Arkady Volozh the founder of Yandex focused in the market where Google have more importance in search field.

Yandex had paid $1.2 billion in stock market launch because of their Russian share fall by 5% because of Google dominance. This is one of the reasons behind Yandex focused for Google. Also Yandex have good starts in Turkey than that of any other services.

Even though Google is the most popular search service its revenue growth decreases to 17% this year which is very low as compare to previous year reports. Volozh highly confident about the service of Yandex and he said that Yandex can fulfill where Google fails to achieve. He also added that Yandex will become the best in search service within no time.

Yandex expands the service in most of all countries where Google had more than 90% market share. They started the service using new technological aspects and focusing on future. The browser development approach of Yandex partnered with opera once again points its rival with Google. This shows their plan of to competite with Google chrome.

As Yandex had made capitalization of $7.2 billion in last year we can hope for another tech giant who very well know about the customer choice and focused on what they are doing.