Yahoo redesigns the home page for interactive tile look

World’s top fourth visited site the Silicon Valley search engine Yahoo redesigns the home page for interactive tile look . The old content based look now turns into Microsoft’s metro tile based look.

Yahoo redesigns the home page for interactive tile lookMarrisa Mayer the new CEO of Yahoo put forward a new design plan and she want to be change the service as perfect as Google. First of all she focused on to change the content full old version into search based metro style. The new Yahoo homepage consist of relevant large tile icons. Now we can’t see crowded contents in Yahoo home page.

The search bar of Yahoo now gets centered. It gives more convenient look than before. The darker toolbar system in new search bar allows it to fix at the top all-time even if users scroll down to bottom. The Yahoo logo turns for a new look with simplified and small look. The old purple color of Yahoo logo now turns to stunning glass color. The links like Email news travel movies…Etc are still tapped at the left side of home page and most of other links are hide to bottom side. These additional links can be seen by clicking on ‘more’ button in the homepage.

The current weather reports and Astrology shown at the right side of the home page. One of the most important changes in new Yahoo homepage is the Trending now link sets on left side with new column look. It also reduced the content characters to 10. The CEO Marrisa Mayer also plans for to make the search more efficient by applying sufficient technologies. She hardly believed that search service have to the core of Yahoo and have to make it at the best.

The CEO Marrisa Mayer reviles that new Yahoo home page becomes more user friendly by easy customization and by providing effective services. She also thinking of to tap the Yahoo search with social networking sites to make the results more relevant. Yahoo mainly focused for to ties up with Social networking giant Facebook as it have world’s largest personal data storage.

The new CEO Marisa Mayer encourages the employees to just focus on the users and on their expectations from the company. Marrisa wants to vanish the thinking of the current bottom line of the company. She had a futuristic vision on to makes the Yahoo products more effective. Marrisa Mayer said that Yahoo is an internet icon and it reaches the users following in products and services. She also added that users will see lots of effective changes in Yahoo to makes it an ideal service.