Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X: World’s first ever handheld mobile phone

Which was the greatest invention till date? Without having any doubt the whole world uniquely answered as it is mobile phone. The electronic device that became integral part of our daily life. Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X is the World’s first ever handheld mobile phone, manufactured by Motorola in the year 1973.World’s first ever handheld mobile phone

The man behind the invention of Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X is Martin Cooper the former Vice President of Motorola. Cooper had a keen focus on portable devices. From 1970s onwards he involved in long time research on portable devices. As a result of dedicated research he developed 800MHz first portable cellular phone prototype. With the permission from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of United States Cooper installed the base station to demonstrate phone calls over the wireless network. The cellular network used by Cooper is Advanced Mobile Phone System the ever first cellular network of the world.

Martin Cooper-former vice president of Motorola (

Martin Cooper spends his full time focus on the research to develop a portable cellphone that helps to communicate via wireless networks first ever handheld mobile phone. He named the phone as Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X.

The term Dyna TAC is stands for Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage. The world’s ever first phone weighed almost 1.2Kg. The Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X had a dimension of 9*5*1.75 inches. It was a very large phone with no display. Dyna TAC had long antenna within it to receive signals. There are about 30 circuit boards to function the phone. The phone required a long charging time of 10 hours. It gives out a standby time of eight continuous hours. The Dyna TAC phone allows the user to made communication up to 30 minutes. The ever first phone Dyna TAC 8000X focused on to provide basic phone functions such as calling and listening.

Martin Cooper had made many testing on Dyna TAC to check up the functionality. On 3rd April in 1973 Cooper made first ever phone call from world’s first portable cellphone. He made the first call to Joel S Engel the head of AMPS networks from New York City. Martin Cooper also gave chance to reporters to test whether the system is working or not. Cooper named his project as ‘radio telephone system’.

Coopers words about the invention as “people want to talk other people not a house or an office or a car. Given a choice people will demands the freedom to communicate whatever they are. Unfettered by the infamous copper wire”. Motorola Dyna TAC went market with a price tag of $3995. It was because of the invention that much value at the device was very rare. But Americans showed positive response towards Dyna TAC and it made sufficient profit.

At that time the handheld mobile phone service is shortened within United States. It was because of wireless technologies are not that much explored at that time. Inspiring from Martin Cooper’s invention many cellphone manufactures are came into the field and provides the people most useful electronic device. People had seen from Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X to ultimate Apple I phone 5 but the real compliment is gone for the Martin Cooper rather than consider about phone specifications.