– The networking site allow user to travel virtually

If anyone asked what is social networking the best  answer we can given to them is nothing but the way  in which 21st century communicate each other.  It is the most popular online trend. From 1985’s well to Google+ there are large number of social networking site around the web. Each of those site bring out new way of communication and feature than others. Now – The networking site allow user to travel and advertise virtually.

worldfloatIt is 2012’s social networking site as the name indicate it will allow the users go around the virtual world advertise the products globally hangout with friends also can shop in malls.

Through other site can only communicate with a far friend but this social venture allow us to meet them virtually and go to their city.  The site is also known for virtual shopping in malls through e commerce.  Through Worldfloat we can travel anywhere around the world virtually at our wish and meet the people share our ideas and messages. Starting from June 6 2012 it had more than one lakh online users.

This site is found by Indian businessman pushkar mehtha. The site is currently looking up for youth . This virtual world technology working on the motion technology called float.

We can also done advertising programs through the site.  Now the world is within your reach float along with it through