World Water Day 2005 Google Doodle

World Water Day is observed on every year on 22nd March to make world aware of how much precious is water. It was United Nations General Assembly declared 22nd March on 1993. Since then every year grand programs are arranged everywhere to celebrate the day.

World Water Day 2005 Google Doodle
World Water Day 2005(March 22, 2005)

Google also took part in spreading the awareness of protection of water by releasing a doodle on the World Water Day of 2005. Google doodle published on 2005 march 22nd was with inclusion of color white and blue. Presentation of World Water Day 2005 Google Doodle was entirely in a different look. Its color combination gave it a special attraction.

Google logo’s upper portion is given the white color and lower portion blue color. To make the awareness of protection of water in the logo designer included a small bucket to collect the drop of water. This picture of bucket to collect the water made logo an effective way to spread the awareness message.

World Water Day has got great significance in the year 2005. 58th session of United Nations General Assembly on December 2003 agreed to the proclamation of Action of International decade for protection of water and water resources. Water for life was the main concept evolved out on that session. The proclamation was to make in action this concept from 2005 March 22nd, The World Water Day.  The main goals of “Water for life decade” were to ensure the solutions at the correct time for the water related issues. It also aimed to make sure the right participation of women’s in the water resources development efforts.

It was in the year 2005 the official website for “Water for life “came in to existence. Water for life was the concept which was started in the year 2005. It aimed the full achievement of all its goals to make it a reality by 2015. From the year 2005 the actions for the implementation of “Water for life” came in to action and now also it’s continuing with all supports and efforts.

Save Water
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World Water Day has got great significance in today’s world. We know our water authorities are getting polluted day by day. So in this situation a day to make people aware of water preservation and maintenance is very essential. It’s what World Water Day is.

All over the world government and other organizations arrange special programs to spread awareness about the need for preserving water bodies. Special seminars and symposiums are arranged in schools and colleges to make the young generation what is the value of water. Painting competitions on water related topics, story competitions and speech competitions takes place on this day. Special rallies are organized all over the world to spread the message of water preservation.

80% of the earth is comprised of water, so clean water means clean earth and clean earth gives good living environment for human. We all must join together to build up a clean and healthy earth to make human life safe and secure on earth. Google did their part in spreading this message by this special Google doodle.