World Cup Google Doodles

Sports and games have become theme for Google Doodle many times. It’s in world cup time Google introduced much of their sports based doodles. Cricket, Football, soccer, ruby, skiing every item became theme for company’s logo change.

World Cup Google Doodles
World Cup Google Doodles

Why World Cup Google Doodles?

Google have introduced many doodles for making World Cup season colorful. Is there any use for these Google Doodles? Have you ever thought about it?

Yes, World Cup, the season of fun, energy and enthusiasm is shared and announced to the whole world with these doodles. As Google is the search engine used by more than half percentage of web users, announcing the current event with a logo change has got a great impact.

World Cup and Olympic Doodles released in previous years had great acceptance all around the globe. According to the reports millions spend their time in Google home with this playful doodles.

Change in Google logo, introduced in 1998 announcing special events and occasions has got mixed reviews throughout. Some Google users think it’s a waste of time while some others take this as an opportunity to know about people and happenings around.
World Cup doodles also do same thing. With this Google announces the current event at the same time introduces a game or sport if you are unaware of it.

Google starts the fun of world cup celebrations from the time of host country announcement itself. Special doodles were out on 2010 December 3 to make world know hosting countries of 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

Football fans are getting excited for the upcoming FIFA world cup 2014 in Brazil. We can hope for an interactive FIFA World Cup 2014 Google Doodle to make the football season live and active.

By presenting doodles to announce current events Google always have made you know what is happening around you at the same time with comic strips and animations entertained you and also have made you think for a while. Till know Google have released about 1500 doodles in the series. We can expect more in future.