World Cup 2022 doodle in Qatar on 3rd December

Google was in hurry to publish ‘ World Cup 2022 doodle  Qatar’ on the very next day after the announcement of opportunity. The World Cup 2022 doodle released as to celebrate on the special occasion in which Qatar gets the golden opportunity to host 22nd FIFA World Cup.

World Cup 2022 doodle Qatar
World Cup 2022 – Qatar (December 3, 2010)

The International tournament is expected to take place in June and July with the participation of 32 national teams. By this Qatar becomes the first Middle-East country to host for the World Cup.  Qatar is selected by voting of twenty-two FIFA Executive Committee members from 5 big candidate nations, Australia, Japan, Qatar, South Korea and United States.

Now when come in to the design of Google doodle, the design was simple and one can easily catch up the idea that Google wants to convey through this. The design of World Cup 2022 doodle was  quiet similar to the previous doodle in which Google celebrate the opportunity given to Russia to host 2018 World Cup by the doodle ‘World Cup 2018 doodle – Russia’, except here there is the national flag of Qatar instead of Russia.

There is 2 soccer balls with the National flag of Qatar is shown in the World Cup 2022 doodle. The 2 ‘o’ s of ‘Google’ is replaced by footballs. Also the other characters in ‘Google’ are written by different colors in World Cup 2022 doodle .

World Cup 2022 doodle Qatar logo
World Cup 2022 – Qatar Logo(Dec 3, 2010)

Being a small country not only the Qatar but also its neighboring countries will host for World Cup. The venues are planned and announced at the beginning of March 2010. People over Qatar celebrated the day in which announcment of venue took place for world cup 2022.

The Al-Khor stadium with total capacity of 45,330 and the Al-Wakrah stadium with total capacity of 45,120 are the main 2 venues. Also some neighboring countries such as United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia would be in the eye of FIFA Committee to host some matches and help the Qatar people to conduct the big event.

It is said that Asian countries have no sufficient fans for football. But now a days the nations takes sufficient steps to improve their game. Within the limitation and controversies raisecd, the small nation had a golden opportunity to conduct the Game successfully and prove them in front of the world.