World Cup 2014 Doodle Features Second Round Match Between Argentina and Switzerland

On 1st July 2014 Google published an animated football world cup Doodle to celebrate match between Argentina and Switzerland. This world cup Doodle features Sun of May from Argentina flag and red shield with white cross, coat of arms from Switzerland flag.

world cup 2014 doodle second round match between argentina and switzerland
World Cup 2014 Doodle Second Round Match Between Argentina and Switzerland (1st July, 2014)

Within this Google Doodle you can see first third letters of official logo stands for Argentina team and remaining third letters for Swiss team. The second ‘O’ replaced by ‘Sun of May’, embroidered on official flag of Argentina and the letter ‘L’ replaced by coat of arms of Swiss flag.

Both of these national symbols shows some football skills within this world cup Doodle. At same time you can see shade of Argentina flag and Swiss flag within reaming letters of Google logo, indicate the second round match between them in FIFA World Cup 2014.

The second round match between Argentina and Switzerland in WC 2014 held at Arena De Sao Paulo stadium in Sao Paulo. At the end of the match Argentina advanced to quarter finals of football world cup 2014 for score 1-0. The winning goal came from the boots of Di Maria in extra time.

As everyone expected the captain Lionel Messi himself who rescued the team, made a quick move from half line, defeat Switzerland defender and brilliantly passed ball to Di Maria at the box for a perfect goal.