Women’s Day 2013 Google Doodle

Women’s Day programs were similarly good as in all other years in the year 2013 also. Google came up with a special doodle in its homepage landed on several countries on the day.

Women’s Day 2013 Google Doodle Betsy Bauer is the doodler who presented this beautiful doodle on Women’s Day to the world. It was 102nd Women’s Day world celebrated on 8th March 2013. This logo which appeared on the Google homepage was special designed by the designer.

It included the faces of women in it. There were about 27 faces in the Women’s Day 2013 Google Doodle that appeared on the Google homepage. The reason behind this thought of design is explained by the designer in the doodle space of Google.

The doodle designer have said that she had been gone through a series of thoughts before getting in to the concept for the design. First she designed doodle as if a group of women are having fun outside in a lawn. After this initial design it was while sketching in a coffee shop.

Google doodle included faces of women in it of different nationality and culture. It was beautifully designed by the doodler by including Google logo letters appearing if we look the doodle for a while as if it is designed with the free space in between the images of faces.

Every year Google respect the women on their special day with special doodle in is homepage. Last year the festival of colors Holi and women’s day coincided on the same day so that Google doodle was designed by including variety of color combinations.

Though the harassments and discriminations towards women have not ended in this 21stcentury also more and more programs are organized all around the world to make women aware of their social and legal rights today. Women’s Day celebration is a best way to make people aware about the importance of women in the society.

Women’s Day logo
Womens Day logo
[Image Credit :rel.ly]
It is very important to have a day specially dedicated for women in this busy world. It was from the year 1996 the international women’s day got wide acceptance and the world wide celebrations began. Every year on this a variety of programs and functions are arranged by government authorities and other official institutions to spread the awareness of the women’s day celebrations and also to make world understand and value women.

The current situation is very pathetic while considering about the safety and security of women. Today also we can see many issues every day in the newspapers regarding abuse and injustice of women. Women can’t even walk alone even in the countries who claim themselves as developed. So we have to work hard for the women’s safety and provide all types of possible measures to make the life of your mother, daughter and sister safe and secure.