Samsung introduced wireless charge kit for Galaxy SIV

The flagship phone Galaxy SIV became the fastest selling Samsung handset just because of its innovative features. Now to make it more effective Samsung introduced wireless charge kit for Galaxy SIV, available in US for $90.

Wireless charge kit for Galaxy SIVWireless charger is something that found with today’s most innovative flagship phones. It avoids the complexity that experienced by wired charging. The inductive method charging becomes more effective and easy to be done. You can purchase the Qi inductive based wireless charger for Galaxy SIV from the official site of Samsung.

Wireless charge kit for Galaxy SIV

Samsung Galaxy SIV wireless charger used Qi based wireless charging. It is a wireless power interface developed by power consortium which helps to transfer electric power up to the distance of 1.6 inches. Once the cover is installed you can charge your Galaxy SIV handset by just placing it over the cover. The full charging of the device demands a time of 3 or 4 hours.

The wireless charging cover of Samsung Galaxy SIV looks like a protective cover for it. Once you installed the cover with the device it becomes more bulky. But it can’t be used as a protective cover as it becomes slightly unfit for it. For the perfect usage you must place the handset over the cover, that is Galaxy SIV must place top of the cover.

The wireless charging cover of Galaxy SIC comes in white in color. So it is more suits for white frost device in look. It is compatible with the products such as Galaxy SIV black mist for AT&T and Sprint, also for white mist version of AT&T and Sprint.

Galaxy SIV wireless charging kit

The first ever feature within wireless charging is nothing but it reduces the complexity that we found within power cords. It is easy to be placed the device and instantly get charged. We can take the phone at any time without having any effort. It is reliable and very easy to use. The wireless charging kit for Samsung Galaxy SIV shortly arrives in market. Now you can add this kit to the cart via Samsung site.