Windows phone holds third position in US market

Recently Apple holds the highest ever highest shares in US market, reaches 53.3% of total market share. Google’s Android is not so behind it have 41.9% shares. Windows phone holds third position in US market. During the past 3 months it have 2.7% shares in U.S.Windows phone holds third position in US market

Still Apple and Samsung Smartphone are top at the chart but Windows phone also get a momentum at this stage. With the release latest version of home grown mobile operating system windows phone 8 Microsoft focused for Smartphone market. Popular cell phone manufacturing Companies like HTC and Nokia introduced major series of Smartphones in Windows phone OS. Now Windows phones are stands above RIM’s Blackberry phones. Microsoft also reminds that Blackberry 10 operating system and new series Smartphone will shortly unveils by RIM.

Main features of Windows phone operating system:

  • Live tiles

Live tiles are most advanced features of Windows phone which can’t be seen elsewhere. You can see the live tiles right on your start screen. The tiles can be from different categories like photos, applications, games, people…Etc. All these tiles are lively showing on your screen so that you can get live updation from these tiles. The tiles can be choosen according to users wish. They can pin those tiles to the start screen of the phone. You can also unpin, rearrange and resize those tiles. So that we can highlight the tile which we loved the most. One of the main advantages of live tiles is we can get regular updations from our loved ones those who are added on the start screen. It includes different posts tweets messages they have made on different times. So we can keep in touch with them in easiest way.

  • Live applications

You can add the effective applications to the start screen so that you will get real time updation from it. The application can be added according to your wish. So the start screen will show off those applications and regular updation will keep rolling on it. It is like news headlines, weather reports, transportation info, market rates…Etc. You will get complete informations from which that application is specified in. The live applications can only be seen in Windows phone.

  • Kid’s corner

You can’t resist your little kids from accessing your handset. But the kid’s corner feature allows you to hand over your set to the kids without fear. They can only access the photos, videos and games you choose for them. You can apply password to protect the stuffs. So that kids can’t access the important datas and applications without your permission. This feature is only being seen in Windows phone 8 operating system.

  • Photos+skydrive

The advanced camera specifications in Windows phone allow the users to share the photos right from your camera. The effective lens technology in Windows phone cameras bring out crystal clear images. The HD video recording is also possible with the Windows phone series. The synchronization with Microsoft’s own online storage system SkyDrive helps you to store your stuffs more safely. So that you can access your datas anywhere you are and from any devices.

Currently HTC’s Windows phone8X and Nokia’s Lumia series are top at mobile market. The Nokia Lumia 920 is just behind that of Samsung Galaxy SIII and Apple I phone 5. Microsoft hopes that Smartphone from Windows phone series shines well in the upcoming years.