Microsoft to release Windows Phone Blue updation shortly

Microsoft officially released the Windows phone 8 operating system in last October. Now the reports says software giant to make Windows Phone Blue updation very soon.

The Windows phone blue updation news arrives within Microsoft carrier site. So you can confirm that Windows phone blue is an well planed project.

Windows Phone Blue updation

Windows phone blue also will known as windows phone 8.1, because it will be an upgrade version of Windows phone 8 OS. Blue refresh is expected to provide many advancement in the existing version. The screen style and personalization, customization features and apps are the main features in which Microsoft Windows Phone Blue is expected to make over. In the up graded version we can expect a well efficient Skype performance.

There were many rumors about the Blue update of windows phone. It is expected to be available for free in market and will be able to pop up with Windows 8, the second generation mobile OS of windows phone.

Windows phone update As the up gradation of windows phone 7.8 was not pretty much successful when Microsoft introduced it. There were many rumors that it will make a drastic decline in the acceptance of Microsoft windows products. The major problem reported with the up graded windows phone 7.8 was the struck live app tiles and shutting down of the app tiles after the installation.

But now Microsoft is ready for the return in the market with all its pride. It was in Microsoft career site the latest new of Blue refresh appeared. Microsoft fans are now wishing to get the new updation in their phones.  It’s sure that Microsoft will come up by resolving all the faults with a new refreshed version.

Blue updation for windows phone is expected to be available in phones by the half of 2013. In the technical world now we can see that there is a tight competition existing with brands and mobile platforms. So to sustain in market it’s very essential to provide something new and unique. Hopefully the Blue wave from Microsoft will be the key which make their position moves up in the graph.