Windows Blue will be Microsoft’s next OS version

Metro based Windows 8 is the big redesigning that happened to Windows yet. Now the reports says Windows blue will be Microsoft’s next OS version, also called as Windows 8.1 [updated].

Windows Blue will be Microsoft's next OS version

Other than previous releases Microsoft decided to launch new version of Windows in very year, actually to resolve the bugs within existing version. Windows blue aka Windows 8.1 will launch in the second half of 2013.

The software development kit or SDK for Windows is a set of tools which is used for developing applications for Windows versions. It is comes along with .NET frame work the software tools provided by Microsoft. It is developer under the base of many programming languages and applied for to ensure security exception handling…Etc. In different Windows versions Microsoft used different versions of SDK with same base. But for newer version that is for Windows Blue they plans to use alter sequence of SDK. So that applications which are supporting for current Windows version will not be works with newer version. So that applications developers have to be focused on to developing up of new standard applications under new SDK. Microsoft also aims for providing new base applications to all users by free of cost.

To get upgrade to newer version of Windows Blue when it will release the users must have a genuine copy of Windows 8. The latest version Windows Blue will highly demanded for security. If any users try to upgrade with pirated copy of Windows then the all functionalities of system gets blocked. So everyone must make sure that they are with genuine copy of Windows before getting to upgrade to Windows Blue. The report will show that Windows Blue give high priority for security base.

Microsoft also informed that the newer versions of Windows will release in every year. It is done to provide the latest innovations in the platform fastly also they can improve the market share. The Annual updation will also gave a chance to getting most advanced applications very quickly. So the Windows Blue operating system will turns from current platform to next generation OS level. In short time you will get a chance to upgrade to Windows Blue to do that you must have genuine copy of Windows 8.