Windows Blue a well-planned project from Microsoft

The metro based Windows 8 was released on 26th October 2012. From that time onwards we are heard about the Microsoft’s next OS project, Windows Blue. Windows Blue a well-planned project from Microsoft.

Windows blue will be an upgrade for previously released Windows 8 OS, reported within Microsoft carrier site. Windows Blue will also called as Windows 8.1. Windows blue won’t have major redesign as you seen with Windows 8 OS.

Microsoft will make Windows blue release within the second half of 2013. The people who using genuine version of Windows 8 can make updation for free at the time of release. Microsoft will provide services like Skype, SkyDrive as inbuilt within Windows blue.

At the releasing time of Windows 8 the authorities said that they will release updation for the OS with relevant intervals. So Windows Blue will be a version which is fixes the problems within Windows 8 operating system, you can also expect return of start menu which missed with Windows 8.

Microsoft will provide new SKD for Windows Blue. So that current application won’t works with Windows Blue. The new applications zone never becomes a worst one as it is from Microsoft. The Microsoft officials promised that the new level applications will provides a standard and effective experience with the OS. Those applications are available at free of cost.