Get Windows 8 updation for Genuine Windows 7 users at $14.25

Microsoft announced windows 8 launch date for 26th October, 2013. The new windows metro interface already catch the attention of customers. Then how do i get Windows 8? you can get Windows 8 updation for just $14.25. It demands you must be a genuine Win 7 user.

Windows 8 updation

The Windows 8 upgrade offer available for the users who purchased genuine Win 7 from June 2012 to January 2013. It is seems to be a good opportunity for Windows users, because it surely demand a high rate of upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

How do I get Windows 8 updation

  • Make sure you are using a genuine Win 7 operating system.
  • Go to official Windows page on Microsoft site.
  • Send upgradation mail to Microsoft.
  • Microsoft will send you upgradation code throigh email.

You must apply for this offers before 28th February, 2013. The Windows 8 wishers can also download the operating system with Windows assistant. Microsoft will provide technical support for the users who make upgradation for Win 8 operating system.

The system requirements for Windows 8 upgradation

  • 1GHz processor with PAE, NX and SSE2.
  • 2GB RAM and 20GB available diskplace.
  • 1366*760px screen resoultion.
  • DirectX 9 graphic processor with WDDM driver.

Other than previous Windows version the upcoming Windows 8 operating system is a metro based one. It can be used in touch based laptops. Microsoft remove star button from upcoming Windows model. Microsoft will officially introduce this model on October 26th.