Samsung officially launched windows 8 desktop PCs

 windows 8 desktop PCAs we the PC lovers eagerly waiting or highly anticipated operating system Windows 8. Samsung Inc previewed new windows 8 desktop PC equipped with next generation OS. Windows 8 officially Hit the PC world on October 26. The windows 8 desktop PCs from Samsung becomes a new trend in electronics world.

Microsoft Inc very well aware of the fact that nowadays the tech word runs on smartphones and Tablets. That is why the upgrade windows OS is mostly look like a touch base system.  The new upgraded windows OS is become more personable.  Windows 8 featured with multi Monitor support Bing powered travel internet explorer 10 and new family safety features. Surely The new OS gives overall satisfaction to all users.

The windows 8 desktop PCs from Samsung surely provides a perfection design. Also the OS becomes the backbone of these laptops. Other than mouse or keyboard control of previous versions the new OS can control by Application swiping. It is used advanced touch control techniques.  The multinational Korean company Samsung gets ready to launch windows 8 PCs from next Week onwards. Depending on storage space and screen size it is available in different rates.