Google Doodle celebrates 224th birthday of naturalist William John Swainson

Ornithologist William John Swainson was remembered in Google Doodle, its the 224th Birthday of Swainson marked with doodle including some of his best illustration.

William John Swainson Google Doodle
William John Swainson Google Doodle(October 8,2013)

William John Swainson was known as a best  and talented illustrator. The Google Doodle you could see on his Birthday is a clear example for his talent. As Swainson was born on United Kingdom, doodle was presented on 8th October 2013,in Google UK homepage alone. Doodle was a tribute to his contribution to world.

Design of doodles for special occasion and birthdays includes some specialty and symbolism related to event. In Swainson’s doodle, message of his birthday is specifically and clearly announced by spreading his illustration around Google logo which appears to be in a different color.

William John Swainson was born in UK, It Swainson who introduced lithography technique in his book Zoological illustrations and became the first naturalist to do this in 1820. Swainson was widely appreciated and also often criticized. There many species named after Swainson. He also spend time in New Zealand and Australia in his life time studying.

William John Swainson died on 1855 December 6th at the age of 55. Google Doodle honors him on his Birthday.