Will Samsung Galaxy SIV take over entire mobile market?

Samsung itself is the top android manufacture existing in the filed. The fourth generation Galaxy S phone ill introduce shortly. So the question is will Samsung Galaxy SIV take over entire mobile market?


The unique designing style and flexibility of Android OS is the main thing that makes Samsung stand beyond all others in the market. According to the Background news and reports Samsung Galaxy SIV is something big that to come. It’s not just an ordinary smartphone that we have seen in market till now. Samsung new Galaxy SIV will be a great threat to all other brands especially for Apple who witnessed the biggest share loss ever had in past four years on last week.

The previous version Galaxy SIII already dominated in by surpass all smartphone sales record. You can expect the same effect from Galaxy SIV as it is an upgrade version of Galaxy SIII.

Samsung will introduce new eye tracking technology within upcoming Galaxy SIV, will see smart pasue and smart scrolling feature to control phone via your eyes.It is expected to have a 5 inch screen which makes the user experience best and clear with AMOLED display. Another important features include 2.5 GHz ARM T658 CPU with 16/32/64 bit internal memory.

While mentioning the features we can’t move on without including its newly expected processor Exynos 5. The 8 core processor Exynos 5 is expected to the best processor which an increase the device performance and enhances the battery life. To make the users photo experience best Samsung will include a 13 mega pixel rear camera and 2 mega pixel front camera in the new device. Storage of the phone can be enhanced with use of removable SD Card slot that can be expanded up to 32GB.

As we see in all other latest smartphones in Samsung Galaxy SIV also we can see the Bluetooth service and 4G LTE network connectivity. AirView function which enables users to use the application from screen without even touching it. With the launch of Samsung Galaxy SIV the company is expecting to achieve their goal of half million smartphone sale in the end of 2013.

Key specification of Samsung Galaxy SIV

  • 5 inch AMOLED HD display.
  • 2.5 GHz ARM T658 CPU with 16/32/64 bit internal memory.
  • Runs in Android 4.2 Jelly bean platform.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and 4G LTE network connectivity.
  • 13 mega pixel rear camera.
  • 2 mega pixel front camera.
  • Expandable SD Card slot.
  • Uses 3100 mAh battery.