Will Samsung Galaxy SIV satisfies the expectations?

The count down for the Samsung Galaxy SIV have already started. All the eyes are now pointing towards New York. There is only few hours left for the launch. Every preparation is over now and what we all have to do is just wait with patience.

Samsung Galaxy SIV is the only smartphone which had this much rumors and expectations months before the release. Will this phone satisfies all the needs and expectations of the fans eagerly waiting for the launch? Look forward to the event to get clear cut answer for this.

It’s sure that Samsung fans will not get disappointed with the features of new smartphone. The main reason for this is the wide acceptance the brand had with the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Samsung Galaxy SIII is the smartphone which made Samsung to gain dominance in the mobile market. So the next member of this Galaxy S series will not be just an ordinary phone it will be something great.

The Google Android OS used in Samsung mobiles have already shown its power. Now in Samsung Galaxy SIV the operating system used is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Flexibility and better user interface with easy applications are the major highlights of Android platform so the new device will also use all the possibilities of this platform in it. Indirectly we can tell that it’s this Android platform which provided a way for the large acceptance of Samsung Galaxy series.

Apart from this Android platform there are other features which make Galaxy SIV stand up among other smartphones. The full HD AMOLED display included in this device gives a great user experience. This makes 5 inch screen size display experience more attractive. The Exynos 5 processor which Samsung introduced in CSE will be out to the world with the new Samsung device. So to know more about it we have to wait until the product getting available at the market.

The eye ball tracking feature that is expected to be included in this smartphone is expected to make it really outstanding from all the devices launched in the tech world till now. The effect of the Control via floating touch in the new phone will be most probably a different experience thought the S pen in the older versions was a success. But we have to get closer look on the device to more about the effect of Samsung Galaxy SIV.

The picture experience of this device with 13 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front camera will be surely the best and the integration of inbuilt applications like Google now in the smartphone will make it better and best.

If the expectations come to reality then Samsung Galaxy SIV will be the best product bought in the market. Samsung have already released video teaser and image of this product days before the launch itself. As per the visual seen in the video it’s sure that this will not be just a simple event it will be the next big thing to happen in Samsung as well as in the world.

Now tune your channel on to be a live viewer of the event. There is only few time left, see the first glimpse of the most expected and awaited product from your favorite brand live from New York.