Why Skype is the best ever VoIP application

There are many Instant Messaging or VoIP services are existing in web. But most of the people including you opt for Skype. Here why Skype is the best ever VoIP application.

Why Skype is the best ever VoIP application

Skype is available for major desktop and mobile plat form, can get Skype for Windows, Mac, Linux, android, iOS, Windows phone and Blackberry from store.

The popular application from Microsoft allows you to make voice calls video calls and instant messaging over the network. The service also allows calling to other Skype users anywhere in the world in free of charge. At the same time the mobile and land line calls from the Skype application charges according to usual calling rates. Let’s have a look on what makes the Skype the best.

  • Voice calls

The Microsoft service promises for high audio quality while we communicate with our loved ones.   You can make calls from the application by selecting the desired contact that tap on call button in the option.

  • Conference calls

Skype also allows talking to a number of contacts from your account together. This feature is very much helpful in business filed because they can make discussion on a topic in a better way. You just have to add the contacts you want to talk from your account and tap on call.

  • Video calls

It is one of the most advanced video calling services till exits. Skype offers the sharpest and clearest video calling and it is also available in High definition mode. For making video calling in HD you need a webcam with high definition capability.

  • Group video chat

Having face to face meeting is far better than any form of communication. Skype allows video meeting up to 10 persons very effectively. To make out group video chatting in Skype any of one people who involved in the chatting must have group video calling subscription from Skype or with Skype premium. A webcam internet connection with speed more than 512 kb/s and Skype application of version 5.0 or higher is must for each member who joined in the video meeting.

  • IM

Add all your loved ones to your Skype account and have instant messaging while they are online. Skype is one of the fast access IM services. Adding smiles feature make your conversation far better.

  • File sharing

You can share all your valuable datas like photos videos or anything instantly through Skype service. Skype offers speedy sharing of documents in most secured way.

  • Screen sharing

Screen sharing is one of the best features of Skype application. It allows to share your task on the screen instantly while you making a call with your companion. It is also very helpful to make understand the person you are communicating is that what you are doing or how stuff works.

Skype also allows to communicate with friends on most popular social networking site Facebook through its messaging application. So that you don’t have to sign in on both account.

Skype is one of the basic applications of Windows 8 operating system. You can grab it from right on the screen or by making search on advanced search bar. Otherwise gets your Skype application for Windows 8 right from Skype website.