Why Samsung Galaxy SIV is best?

After months of rumors and teasing Samsung Galaxy SIV launched officially. The announced features of Galaxy SIV tells that it is and upgraded version of Galaxy SIII. So let’s check why  Samsung Galaxy SIV is best?

Why Samsung Galaxy SIV is best?Apart from the usual features common to all smartphones Samsung Galaxy SIV included many additional features in it which make it unique and best. Samsung Galaxy SIV has a 5 inch full-HD super AMOLED display. It has a pixel density of 441 ppi. It give the crisper and brighter display for the device. The pixel density of Galaxy SIV is better and more than every smartphones released till now including Sony Xperia Z and HTC One.

Why Samsung Galaxy SIV is best?

The expanded screen size from Samsung Galaxy SIII of 4.8 inch is made to utilize the possibilities of user interest. This new Samsung device is powered by using 1.6 GHz Octa processor. The common works are done with the four ARM Cortex- A7 and four ARM Cortex –A15 to get the performance enhanced.

Dual cameras are common feature of smartphones in the dual camera available in the Galaxy SIV we can capture the picture from front camera and rear camera simultaneously and can blend it together as you want. A large series of frames and 8 methods to blend these camera images are included in it.

To make your picture experience vibrant you can capture with background sounds or music using the camera. This feature helps you to feel the emotions the picture captured. Drama shots can be also taken by using your Samsung Galaxy SIV in which you can capture all the actions that you do in a single time lapse. You can erase the unwanted objects from your snap by using eraser included for this purpose and make your snap beautiful as you wish.

The most unique, innovative and highlighted feature of Galaxy SIV is smart pause and smart scroll. These are featured out with the use of eyeball tracking. By using this your phone will decide when to pause a video and to play a video by tracking the eye movement of the user. That means if the user is distracted from the video then device will automatically pause the video and continue when the user attention id regained.

If you are busy with your web page then Galaxy SIV will make your task simpler and easier by just scrolling up and down the web pages whenever you want by automatically understanding the face expression and wrist movements.

Air View and Air gesture are the other two new techniques used to make the user task simpler. With the use of Samsung Galaxy SIV you even do what you want without touching the screen. You figure movement will be recognized by the device without touching it so that you can scroll out or open folders without touching on the screen.

Group play function included in the device makes you enjoy what you love together with your friends by sharing without a direct wireless access point. Sharing music, playing games with your friends and if you are interested you can even create a music band with your friends with this features using multiple speakers of the different devices to work together.

The device is available in two colors which match your style, the Black Mist and white Frost. The device gives us fuller, simpler and richer life by being real life companion. Samsung Galaxy SIV is specifically designed to make your life filled with fun, caring, sharing and convenient. Every task that an ordinary man want to do with his/her smartphone is made simple and easy with Samsung Galaxy SIV.