Why Samsung Galaxy S5 demands two different processors

The release of most anticipated phone of 2014, Samsung Galaxy S5 confirmed for February 24. Like Galaxy S4, Samsung will introduce new flagship Smartphone Galaxy S5 in two different processors. So what is the purpose of having two processor for Galaxy S5?

First of all the selected processors for Galaxy S5 are Samsung’s own exynos 6 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 805. Upon these two processor snapdragon 805 UPU have power to support for ever fast network LTE -A and high end graphics. But still a major part of customers won’t demand for it. So keeping only with Snapdragon 805 for Galaxy S5 becomes a bad idea.

Unlike Exynos 5 processor within Galaxy 4, the exynos 6 for Galaxy S5 brings support for LTE network. Exynos 6 is developed through big.LITTLE technology. International version of Galaxy S5 will comes under exynos 6 processor. Also Exynos 6 is a 64 bit chip just like that of Apple’s A7 processor. It helps to complete heavy weight programs in faster mode, also maintain power consumption of device.

Last year when Samsung introduce LTE-A version of Galaxy S4, first smartphone with LTE-A network, they made a switch from processor Snapdragon 600 to Snapdragon 800. It was because it is the only processor to hold that new generation LTE network. Samsung’s exynos series still can’t bring LTE-A support. The snapdragon 805 version will comes under LTE-A version of Galaxy S5, bring support through Krait 450 quad core CPU, provide maximum speed of 2.5GHz.

Also Galaxy S5 with snapdragon 805 focus heavy users of data and hardware, because only LTE-A is a ultra speed limited network with high data charge. So in such a case LTE-A Galaxy S5 customers surely hope more performance from the device. Snapdragon 805 provide 40% more graphics power that snapdragon 800, also better gaming through tessellation.

As 4K videos becomes the future manufactures must brings 4K support for their mobile devices. Samsung makes it through snapdragon 805 for Galaxy S5. In case of pricing Snapdragon 805 version Galaxy S5 will demands $200 more than that of exynos 6 version Galaxy S5.

Image credit : Samsung Mobile