Why Nokia lost its mobile market lead?

A few year ago very mobile users uniquely chooses for the most popular brand called Nokia. The Finnish mobile manufacture leads the mobile market for long 14 years. It was a great milestone in mobile history that no one other had. But things have changed today. Now Samsung and Apple replaced in the chair of Nokia and Here why Nokia lost its mobile market lead?Why Nokia lost the mobile market lead?

The perfect marketing Ovi store and device support makes the Nokia special. It is also the main reason behind the company ruled the mobile world for 14 years. Nokia Ovi store became one of the best application stores which provide the most efficient applications around the world.

But in previous few years Nokia get suppressed at market. The Korean company Samsung had sold out 12 million devices than that of Nokia. Today Nokia have no more roles the entire mobile world is ruled by Samsung and Apple. What causes Nokia’s market failure?

The powerful mobile era of Nokia start with symbian s60 smart phone series. Symbian is the mobile operating system designed by Nokia itself. The S60 series is an all-time success from Nokia brand. But the Finland giant never focused on technological changes that needed the most. Even when first I phone get released Nokia stands on the same base and Apple shows how the right smart phone could be.

The ideal features of Apple iPhone turns the customer’s attention from Nokia brand and still Nokia didn’t respond to it with sufficient improvement. They never think of to move from their own OS to an advanced OS. Samsung did the right action at right time. They choose Android than that or homegrown OS bada. The easy customization and compatibility of android OS makes it to widely used mobile OS. The Samsung perfection along with the presence of android OS makes it to the ideal smart phone manufacture. At the same time Nokia focused and remains in the same Symbian OS.

Nokia also fails at the design and new applications what is matter today at the smart phone world. When the company starts losing their market share in each quarter and other manufactures shines Nokia partnered with Microsoft in 2011. The Lumia series from Nokia runs on Windows phone mobile operating system. The former cell phone leader expected a new successful era through the newest smart phone Nokia Lumia 920.