Why Nokia didn’t choose Android?

We are all known that the Finnish Company Nokia had ruled out the cellphone world for long 14 years. But after a period Nokia fall down to 1% share. When they plan to adopt for another operating system the head of the Company chooses for Windows phone. Then the question is Why Nokia didn’t choose Android?

At the time of successful marketing Nokia used its own mobile platform. The entire mobile market was within the hand of Nokia at that time. So when did all these things changes? For a long five years Nokia withstand on the same platform without having proper features. At this time Apple introduce the first ever iPhone in 2007. The tech giant completely redefines the Smartphone with new touch based system.

The powerful ecosystem and hardware-software coupling of Apple easily attracted by the customers. Google’s android is also introduced at this time. Both android and iOS  platforms were goes up to the sky level in short time. Between this interval Nokia tries for number of Symbian version, most of them get dumped due to android – iOS dominance.

Nokia’s last hope is on the pure view technology based phones. This image technology based Nokia 808 pure view introduced in previous year. But unfortunately it fails in the market due to heavy hardware and software problems.

At that time Nokia plans to adopt another operating system. Google also approach Nokia for providing the android service. But the Finnish Company shows any interest in Google’s offer. In short time the adopt Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. Nokia itself admitted that Android is much ahead than that off Windows Phone. “Android is growing very nicely. It has significant market share. Windows Phone is in its early formative stage in terms of customer’s transaction and so forth” Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said.

The reason highlighted by the Nokia team for the avoidance of Google offers is as they are in a struggling stage they must need quick rise up. Android is already dominates through a number of cellphone manufactures. They hold more than 75% of total market share. In such a competitive zone Nokia can’t make an instant success. Because many Companies like Samsung, HTC and Sony are already turns to successful android cellphone makers. So they think that it is better to choose an entry level operating system other than already existing one. If they succeed in the manufacturing of such an OS then that cellphones can be easily attracted by the customers.

Other than that the Nokia CEO Stephen Elop had work for Microsoft for a long time before coming into Nokia. So there is also a hidden relationship with Microsoft. In fact it is risky move by Nokia. In the Smartphone world no other operating system can easily overtake android and iOS. Even though android is a crowded zone the success is depends on how they present the cellphone. There are so many android manufactures but Samsung stand on the primary position because they have their own way to present it. Of course Windows Phone is an effective OS. But the success of Nokia merely depends upon the performance of cellphone as the OS is an entry level one.