Why no Facebook phone now?

After a long period of rumors and speculationsit’s Facebook home application not the Facebook phone that got released in the event at California on April 4th 2013. Actually with the presence of Facebook Home that particular android phone becomes completely Facebook centric one. So why no Facebook phone now?

why there is no Facebook phone

Why no Facebook phone now?

Facebook users can make use of every service provided by it by using any active device which support network connectivity. This may be one of the main reason for Facebook not working on a hardware exclusively for it. In the event at California the founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zukerberg stated that a smartphone sale can go maximum up to 20 to 30 million. This amount is only  small  when compared to the number of  Facebook users. So the new Facebook home applicaion for mobile will be the best way to make Facebook available to the Facebook users in simple and easy way.

Facebook home launched yesterday at the event in California is an application which makes your smartphones first preference Facebook. Skill full use of Facebook addiction of common man is clearly reflected in this application Facebook home.  HTC first will be the first smartphone to have this application preloaded in it. With this application Facebook overcomes the limitation of not having Facebook phone.

What Facebook Home Application do for you?

Facebook Home provides many application for the users. It’s just a very interesting fact that Facebook completely used the advantage of Google’s Android operating system skillfully to make the Android activated devices best for Facebook.

Facebook Home ApplicationFacebook in your mobile home screen

With this application installed in your handset your Facebook will be always in front of you with updates in every second. There is no need for separately going for Facebook app to get your updates in Facebook if you have Facebook home. This shortcut for easy access of your favorite social networking site will be very useful for the Android users who spends most of time with Facebook apps.

Chat heads more interesting that normal chatting

Yes, the chat heads feature will be more interesting because with this you can experience a new chatting experience with your friends. With this whenever a new chat is initiated in your Facebook account by your friends their pictures will be popped up and displayed with the message.

Can get rid of checking for updates every time

Facebook Home applications makes you updated on all updates in your mobile home screen. There is no need for continuously looking up for the updates by your Facebook friends.

Helps to keep your Facebook account live and active

This new application from Facebook helps to keep your account more live and active as it make Facebook available right in front of you if you have a smartphone with Facebook Home.

The new application from the social networking giant will change the outlook of your smartphones from 12th April. Free download of this application will be available from that day. You can also have this application in your hand by preordering HTC First, the first smartphone with this application preloaded.