Why Google Search Results varies for different persons

In case of web search you have no another option as Google is there for bringing exactly what you want.  But sometimes you mat notice that the Google search results varies for same phrase for different persons. Read in detailed about why Google Search Results varies for different persons.

Why Google Search Results varies for different persons

Why Google Search Results varies for different persons

1. Physical location of user

If you make a closer observation you can see that Google brings you results based on your location. Within address bar of your browser you can see that Google’s domain extension ends with code of physical location, that is .in for India .jp for Japan .nz for New Zealand.

In such case when someone in New York search for ‘pizza’ he will get results based on that location, that famous pizza delivering centers in New York and different types of pizza available. At same time for the same search phrase result varies for a user in France. It helps the user to get relevant services and informations based on their physical location.

2.The search history of user

Whether you are signed or not Google uses your search behavior for bringing results that important to you. Google record your search behavior over a period of time. In that way Google can understand which all websites are you used for most and types of informations you wish to hear.

If you searched for  NYTimes for most of times to getting hot news then it is possible to see more results from that site in later time for another queries. It is because you make maximum clicks for that website in a period of time.

Depending upon the hits you make Google brings results from your favorite website. But you don’t have to make a wrong assumption that desired website are in top place, or have high rank. It comes in first place only because of the hits you made in previous time. If you wish to see the exact position of that website youshould make same search in private browsing page.

3.Google search algorithm

Google continuously make updation to it’s search algorithm to brings exactly results you looking up for.  So it is chance for results varies for period of time. You may find a particular post from a site in first place at morning, there is no guarantee to see the same post in same position at evening. Google brings new fresh content full informations in relevant interval of time. You can also take a look on tutorial video on how Google search works by Matt Cutts, the head of web spam team.

4.Device used by the user

You may use Smartphones, featured hones,, tablets or desktop computer for making search. The results you are getting from Google also changes with the devices. It was because Google uses separate different index methods for Smartphones, featured phones and desktop devices. It is not at all possible to get same data accessing experience on different devices. That is why Google uses separate indexing methods for each category of devices.

Image credit : Flickr