Why Google is the best

We the people across the globe were differ by region culture language style also in many ways but when   comes to subject of searching the universe had only one word ‘Google’. The most admired Tech Company of the world. Since the beginning the internet giant always focus on user so that everything else will follow Google  The simplicity and user experience rather than financial goal of Google make differ from other tech companies. Let’s check out why Google is the best.

why google is bestNo one ever feel uncomfortable with Google because it have great sense of what our mind search for.  It provides fastest auto completion and guessed about misspelled words and gives out the result  at very next moment.

Google had world’s ever best research research group and they continuously focused on solving research problems. Also they try to find out the information’s faster than any other resources.  The tech king try to help people to access information who are at unexplored areas.  There are many web mapping applications but still Google maps stands higher than any other by providing line by line street view across the globe.  Google make the user get amazed with it’s self driving car system. Self driving cars have impressive driving and it have instant reaction to pedestrians and traffic signals.

User commands to be updated at right moment.  Google know everyone’s time is valuable. so they always try to reduce the man effort by providing  new technologies. When we search for one particular answer Google provides the best results at very next second. Surely that will connected to what is in your mind. Because every link is combined with many results also they provide the way to best site providing valuable content.

To reducing man effort to bring all in one technology Google comes up with new innovation called Google glass. It will provide a vitalize screen on just in front of your eyeball. You can do everything on web without interrupting what you do. This Google project is most admiring one.  Google access most of all web pages and by using patented page rank algorithm voted which site is contented with valuable data.

As we all know nowadays PCs are get replaced by smart phones. So there will be also fight between Phone companies and mobile OS development teams. Google placed it’s worth landmark by show up the world by it’s open source mobile platform called ‘Android’. It is flexible, easy to use and  secured.

Millions of publishers and advertisers use Google absence and ad words to promote their products deliver ad content to their site. Google also provide services such as YouTube, Picasa, Google, toolbar calendar, Gmail reader which are ideal services of the world.  Since the Google marked as best of the world still they are not make it as the end point they always try to extend their service to beyond our dreams. They aims “you can make money without doing evil”.