Why Gmail is the best mail service

Gmail is the most widely used free mailing service from Google. Gmail every time keeps its simplicity and smart interface.  Let’s check out why Gmail  is the best mail service.Why Gmail is the best mail serviceWe always get irritated by spam mails that are the unwanted junk messages. Deletion of spam mails is good for nothing rather than waste your time. Gmail uses advanced spam filters to get rid of junk mails. In Gmail junk mails are get separated in special folder. This mail services guaranteed for zero bulk mail. It is one of the reasons for why Gmail became the best.

Today every computer from each corners of the world gets connected to internet and everyone is get online every time. So the inboxes get crowded with thousands of mails and it is not very easy to search out for one mail. Gmail allow us to filter out the mail we want with advanced searching. We can get any mail we want through typing senders name or keyword in search box.

Gmail have a hawk’s focus on chatting service. It supports instant messaging voice and video chat phone calls and hangouts. In these most attractive service of Gmail is hangout. It is most advanced group video chatting up to 10 members. It is used peer to peer technology. It also support file sharing comic style viewing YouTube while chatting…etc.

When you make a conversation with anyone in any mail system of Gmail it appears as a neat conversation and it will appears as a mail in your inbox. It will surely help you to rewind for past conversation you make.  When you and other made replies to each other’s mails in Gmail it will also appears as a conversation. Every new mail is appeared on top of conversation view. It can contain up to 100 mails in a single conversation and very next one is appears as new mail.

Thw main reasons for why Gmail care about your stuffs is itoffers us to as much of storage space we want. Now Gmail offers 10GB free storage space for every user. It also offers online storage space through Gmail drive service. So we can securely save our data in an online drive that can be access through Gmail account. It offers a storage space of 25 GB.

Gmail service can be also access through mobiles. It supports all android iPhone blackberry s60 and windows phones. So you can get your favorite mail services anywhere you are.

Gmail service offers most secured mail service to users. It uses https as defaults. The hyper text transfer protocol allows the user secured and encrypted service. A non- encrypted or unsecured protocol vulnerable to hacking. Gmail also show up our IP and recent login time at the bottom of the page so that we can make sure that no one is access our account.

It is featured with priority inbox. All your mail get organize as important read unread and starred. So you can simply verify your mails. Gmail also offers switching of mailing, which is you can access mails from other email providers so as you get all mails from different accounts through Gmail.

Google offers the most advanced secured mailing service for free to all web users.