Why Facebook ditch the redesigned photo rich news feed

Last year Facebook announced new content rich photo focusing news feed. few users got that news feed, but Facebook never made full roll out of photo rich news feed globally.

Why Facebook ditch the redesigned photo rich news feed

Anyway that photo rich news feed look better and feel better for users who tested it. But for now Facebook starting rolling out more toned down design for the users. The real reason behind Facebook’ change of mind is nothing but most of the users have old computers with low resolution screen, reported by Julio Zhuo, Product design director at Facebook on the blog Dcurt.is.

Only a small group of people in the world today have sharp high resolution computers. Most of the people rely on old low resolution computers than better screen from Apple or Dell. The screen size plays a major role in working of photo rich news feed of Facebook. In small screen computers you can only see one stories at a time, also scrolling becomes more painful.

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How Facebook look like for most of the users today

In that way Facebook becomes hard to use on such small screen computers. The content rich news feed can bring better revenue for Facebook. Must testing for more than one year Facebook found that most of the users uncomfortable with new newsfeed within their screen. So Facebook decided toned down for new news feed with small changes from older design.

So it becomes a better decision from Facebook, focused for better user experience. At same time Zuckerberg’s acquisition behind Instagram and WhatsApp also shows Facebook’s vision over mobile platform.