WhatsApp service blacklisted in Saudi and may block very soon

In last week we heard that the popular chat and messaging service Viber got banned in Saudi. The Arabian country took this action because of that service didn’t comply with the regulation requested by them. WhatsApp service blacklisted in Saudi, government may block the service very soon.

WhatsApp service blacklisted in SaudiThe Communications and Informations Technology Commission of Saudi Arabia put forward local regulations rules to popular services such as Viber, WhatsApp, Skype…Etc. The rules include the request to monitor the use activity through the service. They said that this is to ensure the Nation security.

WhatsApp service blacklisted in Saudi

The popular messaging and chatting service Viber gets blocked by Saudi for the non-compliance. Now the most popular WhatsApp service  blacklisted in Saudi reported by Arabnews. According to the reports WhatsApp service only have one more week in Saudi Arabia.

“We have been communicating with WhatsApp and other similar communicating platforms to get them to cooperate and comply with Saudi telecom providers, however nothing has comes of this communication yet” The governor of CITC told to the medias.

Recently Saudi Arabia temporarily banned Blackberry messenger whenever they violated the regulations. BBM used encrypted security so that the Government can’t monitor the communication channel with them. The authorities said that for maintaining the Nation security the Government must monitor the communications channels that are used by the people of that country.

The US based cross platform instant messaging service WhatsApp gets popularized in each day. The service continues its dominance in communication service all over the world. The advanced communication tools became a backbone of this service. The user data security within this service is the main reason for its popularity. Recently it hits the record of 27 billion messages within a day.

It is almost confirmed that the WhatsApp service gets ban within one week. If WhatsApp get ready to comply with the regulations put forward by Saudi government then they can continue the service. Also it is unknown that complete regulation rules asked by the Saudi Government to WhatsApp service.