What Zuckerberg expecting from WhatsApp along with Internet.org

Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp for $16 billion already became most focusing news of 2014.  Through the acquisition of WhatsApp Zuckerberg targeting for new trend in communication for future time, along with company’s upcoming service like Internet.org.

What Zuckerberg expecting from WhatsApp along with Internet.org

No other technical company in the history hold 450 million user record like WhatsApp made, in just 4 years, makes billions of messages everyday. Another 1 million users join with this list daily by installing WhatsApp within their mobile devices. This dominance of WhatsApp is greater than Twitter and won’t going to end in near future. So Mark Zuckerberg made  acquisition of WhatsApp at right time, before it growing further to new level.

Unlike desktop version of social networking sites WhatsApp focusing for most simpler method that used by people to connect each other, text messaging. Using your mobile number along with internet you can send message to anyone within your contact, without having pay for message plan. This is exactly the reason for WhatsApp’s sudden growth.

There is no guarantee in using of Facebook by everyone. But chances for  usage of WhatsApp by every people with mobile are higher. As it is available for all major mobile platforms including featured phones, at same time it act as improved version of normal text messaging. It also becomes easy for common people to understand method those who managed to make communication only through mobile phones.

whatsapp growth

Over the next few years we are going to work hard to help WhatsApp grow and connect the whole world. We also expect that WhatsApp will add to our effort for Internet.org our partneship to make basic internet services for everyone in the world Zuckerberg shared through his official Facebook account.

From his words it is clear that in coming years internet accessing becomes more easier. May be for free through announced project like Internet.org and Google’s project loon. Internet.org is a global partneship of Facebook, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Samsung, Qualcomm and Samsung that will have ultimate goal of providing internet for all.

So in near by future the number of devices connected to internet surely increase to a huge level that you think. Upon them mobile devices remains within large percentage of the graph. It will make huge dominance of messenger application in the market.

Today within markets like India, the adoption of WhatsApp found at it’s peak. When taking case of India most of the people used average phone like Nokia asha series. As WhatsApp available for such average phones and providing new  face of text messaging they tends to adopt it. In coming years you can see shar inclination within this adoption as internet access becomes more easier.

Through Facebook messenger you can only chat with friends within your account. In truth you only chat with friends you liked the most. Unlike Facebook you managed to add only important contact within your phone, making connection to these contacts becomes a common thing , WhatsApp let you to make it at it’s best.

It is also have possibility for the addition of new features in WhatsApp by Facebook team in future. As you know before this acquisition Zuckerberg tried for Snachat and the authorities of that popular self destructive secret message service disagreed with his request. This case also shows Zuckerberg’s interest in secret messaging system. So there is also have chance for addition secret messaging service with self destructive technology within WhatsApp in near future.

Credit of images : Flickr, Business Insider

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