What we can expect from Apple iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone series is the one which redefine the Smartphone concepts since 2007. Each release of this series brought the cellphone lovers in super hyped state. Now everyone is eagerly waiting for next generation iPhone release. So at this time what we can expect from Apple iPhone 5S.

Apple iPhone 5Upon the first quarter of 2013 we came across the grand releases of Samsung Galaxy SIV, HTC One, LG Optimus G Pro and much more. But we really miss the ultimate brand Apple at this time. The next generation iPhone announced within few months. There are lots of rumors had been rendered out about iPhone 5S until now. Let’s check out those stuffs.

What we can expect from Apple iPhone 5S

Whenever we heard about the release of new iPhone the first ever thing we wish to know nothing but its official name. The French publication nowhereelse posted a leaked document of next generation iPhone. Upon that document it is highlighted that next iPhone will called as iPhone 5S.

Nowwhereelse publications get these data from Japanese carrier KDDI. The leaked document also specified about the releasing date of iPhone 5S. According to it Apple unveils the next generation iPhone to the world on 20th June 2013. Of these datas comes true the iPhone 5S will be an upgraded version of iPhone 5.

iOS 7 – The future of iPhone

The news of next generation iPhone will runs on iOS7 is believable one. The video that found within YouTube channel of simplyzesty gives more idea about iOS7 features. The next generation mobile operating system from Apple focuses for much cleaner look than before. Upon the videos the applications have less rounded edge.

Within the concept video we can see redesigned calendar application. The simpler look makes it easy to use. There we can also encounter some changes within music and camera applications. The live widgets in the concept video also make it more attractive. We can also hope improved Siri and home grown map application within iOS 7 operating system.

Will be available in more colors

Until now we only see the iPhone series in the color variants black and white. A large percentage of cellphone lovers really wish for the availability of iPhone within more color options. It is rumored that the next generation iPhone will available in a total of eight different colors.

According to the reports the color options are pink, yellow, green, purple, red, silver ad slate shades. It is something like the color options that we found within iPod series. It is also have some change to introduction of next generation iPhone in large size. It is because of the demands for phablets getting increase in each quarter. Even though the 4 inch became the standard size users shows high demand for large screen phones.

NFC and e-wallet services

The effective applications are becomes the backbone of every Smartphone. The introduction of new applications surely makes iPhone 5S more innovative than previous version. It is rumored that we can see e-wallet application within next generation iPhone. It helps to make the transactions much easier.

So we can also hope for NFC feature within iPhone 5S. It can also make the data transfer much faster between nearby iDevices. There is also a rumor heard that iPhone 5S has fingerprint sensor. It makes authentication through our fingerprint. It makes the identifications and password checking in an advanced way. Also provides much secured environment for the user.Unique features of iPhone series

These are all the rumors about iPhone 5S that are rendered over internet in past months. No these features are confirmed by the authorities. As the software cum hardware coupling, iCloud service, Siri, iSight camera, retina display are became the unique features of iPhone series we can expect them at its best within iPhone 5S. Also we can hope that the next generation iPhone will release in upcoming months.