What the Samsung Galaxy SIV Zoom can do

We already had seen with many variants of Galaxy SIV Smartphone. Upon these models Galaxy SIV Zoom becomes the latest one. It is nothing but a Samsung device that combines full Smartphone and digital camera experience. So what the Samsung Galaxy SIV Zoom can do?

What the Samsung Galaxy SIV Zoom can doToday Samsung rolled out a perfect video to show off what the Galaxy SIV Zoom can do. We know that the video ads from Samsung always turn to hit and becomes perfect guide to the device. The new video ad from Samsung has a three minute length. The video included a hangout of a girl with Galaxy SIV Zoom and show off how she used it for making amazing mobile photography.

What the Samsung Galaxy SIV Zoom can do

One of the main features of Galaxy SIV Zoom that attracted the users while reading the press release is nothing but Zoom ring itself. Samsung provide this feature just because they have definite idea about the file sharing trend today exits. This feature allows the users to share the photos while they are on a call. That is you can take shot the scene while you are on call and share with one who talk with you via MMS.

The girl in the video does the same thing. She looks around the surrounding while calling her boyfriend. Then she turns on to zoom ring mode and take the picture. Finally she shares that photo with the boyfriend with one with one tap. Then the video shoe off 10X optical zooming capability of Galaxy SIV Zoom the one of the features that we see with digital cameras. It helps to take close up and far away scenes perfectly..

The CMOS sensor within Galaxy SIV Zoom makes all your shots stunning one. Then the video goes to the explanation of optical image stabilizer within the phone. It shows off how the OIS feature helps to maintain the perfect still while she captures the scene. Ax Galaxy SIV inbuilt with lots of capturing patterns you can make quick selections from the list.

The video shows off the manual selection of capturing pattern also the smart mode suggestion by Galaxy SIV Zoom. This phone can provide 25 different modes of capturing.  Finally video describes the photo suggest about different libraries. In the video tell about location based suggestion.