What should care about penguin 2.0 web spam algorithm

One of the factors that make Google the best is they always provides good quality content through the advanced searching algorithm. Now Google officially rolled out penguin 2.0 web spam algorithm. It is officially confirmed by the head of Google’s web spam team Matt Cutts. So What should care about penguin 2.0 web spam algorithm

What should care about penguin 2.0 web spam algorithmPenguin 2.0 is an updated algorithm from Google. The main aim of this algorithm two makes the web contents out of spam. Penguin 2.0 updation covers most of all languages. “It’s gonna have pretty big impact on web spam. It’s a brand new generation of algorithm. The previous iteration of penguin would essentially only look at the home page of a site. The newer generation penguin goes much deeper and has a really big impact in small areas” Matt Cutts said.

What should care about penguin 2.0 web spam algorithm

Google released the first penguin algorithm in April 2012. Following it the penguin gets two more updation in the same year. Now it is became the fourth official launch for the web spam algorithm from Google. Other than previous updation the new penguin 2.0 algorithm focused for makes qualified web contents. It is good for both webmasters and search engines.

The penguin release keenly focused for black hat spam. That is the sites which are used loop holes or shortcuts to gets good page rank will get more impact from this updation. Such sites have good page ranks than that they actually deserved to get. They use keyword stuffing and link schemes to get the aimed rank.

Through this updation the great sites with good contents and perfect linking will return to search results at first. The sites those are seem to violating Google’s quality guidelines will gets decline to low ranking. So the webmasters must use white hat SEO to keep the sites out of penguin 2.0 actions.

The important guidelines for webmasters

  • Penguin 2.0 updation mainly focused for black hat spam. So keep your site with following Google’s quality guidelines. Never use shortcut methods like keyword stuffing or link schemes to get higher page rank.
  • You must take care to avoid the duplicate contents within your site. The perfect way to avoid it is to make canonical link to the desired page from your site.
  • Always try to provide the valuable informations for the users. Never use any tricky method to gets the good traffic to the site through irrelevant contents.
  • Try to maintain perfect keyword density within the content of your site.
  • Try to follow white hat SEO. That is the contents within your site completely follow the guidelines provided by Google.
  • When you give an outgoing link from your site the link must be related to the content within your site. That is whenever the reader going through the posts the outgoing links must bring him to the exact webpages that he really wants.