What is new in Windows phone 8 mobile operating system

The last week of Octobers passed through major release from Microsoft, Windows 8, Surface tablet and now Windows phone 8 OS. Here what is new in Windows Phone 8 operating system.
what is new in windows phone 8 mobile operating system

Windows phone 8 is officially launched by Microsoft vice president Joe Belfiore. The new mobile OS is designed under integrated ecosystem of Windows 8. The software giant informed that the application developed can easily work out through the new platform and the live applications became the key feature of Windows phone 8.

The major change that had seen in Windows phone 8 is it supports multicore processors. The previous versions of Windows mobile OS supported only for single core processors. New Mobile OS from Microsoft compact with dual core and quad core processors. Also it support for wide range of screen resolutions in the phone. The Windows phone users have to aware about the fact that previous version of Windows phone can’t be upgraded to Windows phone 8 because of new version supports for multiple chipset.

The new home screen of the OS becomes more advanced than before and it promises a user friendly nature through easy customization of tiles. The other noticeable feature that coming to Windows phone 8 is inbuilt NFC. Microsoft have also looking up for Wallet software as the new Mobile OS is featured with NFC. So the data transfer and shopping is gets better with Windows phone 8 powered smartphones. Nokia’s efficient map application is inbuilt in Windows phone 8 so that all smartphones running on this OS is gets updated with this application.

It is also featured with most popular communicative software application Skype which provides instant communication in far better way. Also the skydrive service allows you to get synchronized and backups your datas to cloud. The kids corner application allows the parents to put security on their phones so that childrens can’t access anything from the phones. The advanced web experience on Windows phone 8 is promised by the presence of IE10 browser. The faster performance do not track feature HTML5 supports makes this browser more significant.

Users can also access effective applications from Windows phone store as it is riches with 120000 effective applications. The popular smartphones like Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X which got Windows phone 8 updation and announced earlier will available in market from November 2nd week onwards.