What is new in Windows 8.1 operating system

You might heard about the release of Windows 8.1 OS. Why Microsoft make the new Windows release so soon?  What is new in Windows 8.1? How can I upgrade to new Window? Here all things you need to know about Windows 8.1.

What is new in Windows 8.1Through the new release Microsoft means for continuing the vision of Windows 8 with Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 is actually Windows 8 with upgraded features You will meet with three editions of Windows 8.1, official release of Windows 8.1 set for October 18. At this time you can get the preview version of Windows 8.1 from Microsoft.

Those who are using genuine Windows 8 will get free update to Windows 8.1. The updation will get through Windows store from October 18. Non-Windows 8 users can get Windows 8.1 by download from Windows.com or can buy from authorized retail store. In US Windows 8.1 will available at $119.99 and Windows Pro for $199.99. Windows 8.1 price will varies by stores.

What is new in Windows 8.1

The right answer to the question what is the vision of Microsoft through Windows 8.1? or What is new in Windows 8.1? is, to provide the one experience across all devices. It is the new transforming mantra of Microsoft through Windows.  You will meet with one experience in Windows through new features and improvements in Windows 8.1. Greater personalization, Bing Smart search, In built Skype, new security features and more than 20 new features, let’s check it.

The return of the start menu

The missing of start button is the biggest change that seen with Windows 8. The return of the start menu is the biggest change that you are going to seen with Windows 8.1. It is actually a shortcut menu to new interface of Windows, to the metro style. Once you click on the new start button will launch the desktop applications on the screen.Windows 8.1 homepage

The new downward pointing arrow within the start button will show off all the applications within the system., will able to customize those applications to size either to large or small. The right click on the start button within Windows 8.1 will show off power user menu, you can find older shutdown, restart and sleep mode options from there.

Inbuilt Skype

For bringing the connection and sharing more easier to people Microsoft included VoIP service Skype to right on the start screen of Windows 8.1. So within Windows 8.1 you don’t need to download Skype application, just tap on the Skype live tag and add your favorite contacts. The inbuilt Skype make communication, connecting and sharing as a part of Windows. It also becomes easier to receive new updations from Skype as it is inbuilt with Windows 8.1.

SkyDrive’s integration to Windows

You can save, open, share and make offline access of your files as Microsoft make deep integration of SkyDrive to Windows 8.1. The place holder files within SkyDrive help you to save the big files in small sizes within the disc, download the full file only when you access them. The offline accessing within SkyDrive allows you to work on the files out of internet connectivity. Windows 8.1 also help you to add Windows store applications directly to SkyDrive.

Great personalization

You can turn on the lock screen of Windows 8.1 as picture frame through slide of of your photos, from disc and SkyDrive. You can set the live tiles within the start screen of Windows 8.1 in two sizes, large and small. That is you can organize the start screen of Windows 8.1 in the way you wish to see. Windows 8.1 offers grouping, naming, rearranging of tiles at the same time can access multiple applications at same time and can uninstall them.Windows 8.1 personalization

Smart search

With the power of Bing Windows 8.1 will change the way of interaction with web and search within OS. Windows 8.1 will bring rich, simple to read and aggregated view of contents through the right results through your query. Quick actions and settings can also can be achieved through the smart search within Windows 8.1.

Applications and Windows store

You will meet new improved applications in Windows 8.1, easily accessible quick responding applications. You can resize the application, can access multiple applications at a time up to four in one time. It will make the multitasking more easier than ever and provide variable continuous size of snap views. Windows 8.1 also help you to access multiple windows of same applications.multi tasking in Windows 8.1

The redesigned Windows store will bring detailed list of free applications and new releases with informative description. Windows store will also provides the list of related applications within a specified area. The updations of applications also will carried out automatically within the background.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft included Internet Explorer 11 within Windows 8.1. IE 11 is an advanced version of previous Internet Explorer 10. You can adjust the Internet Explorer as always show address bar and have number of tabs, also brings faster page loading. The new security features in Windows 8.1 optimize Internet Explorer 11 to keep you out of malwares and threats to provide advanced web experience.

Reading list and Bing applications

The reading list within Windows 8.1 allows you to track the favorite online content for future. The power of Bing search can also available through different applications such as Bing health and fitness, Bing food and drink, Bing news, Bing weather, Bing travel, Bing finance and Bing sports. Each Bing applications within Windows 8.1 will help you to get updations from associated category at its right form.