What is new in Ubuntu Tablet OS

Ubuntu Tablet OS was unveiled today after the long count down. With this Ubuntu is also ready for the competition with other platform in this post PC era. Here what is new in Ubuntu Tablet OS.

What is new in Ubuntu Tablet OS

What is new in Ubuntu Tablet OS

The highlighted feature of the new Ubuntu tablet operating system  is its multitasking efficiency. Ubuntu activated tablet users can enjoy the access of more than one application at a time without time delay which means the true multitasking. Ubuntu tablet OS provides the facility to enjoy video calling with friends at the same time you engaged in some document works or else you can do whatever you want without interfering the ongoing task in your tablet.

If you are very much conscious about your data security then Ubuntu tablet OS is perfect for you. It will provide high level security for your data by providing multi user login option and guest user option. Safe and secure sharing of data in your device are ensured by this feature of OS. To make the personal and organizational data more secure in your tablets it also provides the provision for data encrypted storage.

The next most interesting feature of OS is its magic edge navigation. User will not get irritated by switching again and again to home screen whenever you want to use a new application with Ubuntu tablet OS. Just give a swipe on the screen everything you want will be in front of you. There is also a way to set your favorite application organized and available for easy access.

Apart from all these features the main and the best thing about the OS is that it will provide a device which is capable to make you get connected at every time with the world. All the services that are organized in the new platform is user friendly and interactive. Searching options ad settings options are available in front of you in a simple move of your figure tip.

There no much tool bar options and crowded menus visible in the screen every time. Whenever you want to access those you can easily get to it in a simple swipe. The main advantage of this is that your content will be the first preference and you can focus on it.

ubuntu tablet osGallery applications, voice modulation, video and photo options are also outstanding. Image that you have in your tablets can be arranged and shared easily in Ubuntu OS. The neat and well arranges home screen is the most attractive feature that developers claim that they give to their users.

The contents that you want from your tablet can be easily found out from the search bar irrespective of which application that you are currently working. Easy customization of applications and the easy incorporation of keyboard and mouse give the user a full PC experience with your tablets.

Ubuntu tablet OS developers is providing a better experience for their users by providing all the best and attractive features in the tablets. Ubuntu OS for smartphones are the next thing expected in this year. Hopefully it will also provide all the features that are provided by Ubuntu tablet OS. We can wait and see how the competition of brands and platforms goes on in future. New innovations and products are getting introduced to market by all the prominent brands to make their position safe.