What is new in Surface Pro 2 tablet from Microsoft

The introduction of Surface tablet from Microsoft made a surprise  last year. Today Microsoft unveils the updated version of Surface tablet, Surface Pro 2. Here what is new in Surface Pro 2 tablet.

What is new in Surface Pro 2As you know 2012 released Surface RT tablet was a fail at market, but Surface Pro made some punch. The new Surface Pro 2 tablet updated to better performance and extended battery life. ” The most powerful, professional and productive tablet ever made” shared by Microsoft authority. Microsoft introduced Surface Pro 2 to fix the features where Surface Pro lacks.

What is new in Surface Pro 2 tablet?

Faster battery dryness is the main drawback that found with Surface Pro tablet. With more than 75% better battery life Surface pro 2 fix that problem, also provides 50% more graphical performance and 20% batter over all performance than previous model. The upgraded Intel Haswell processor one which cause the promising  performance in Surface Pro 2 tablet.

Now Surface Pro 2 tablet can suit with 8GB DDR RAM, available in 64GB and 128GB versions in 4GB RAM  and 256GB and 512GB available in 8GB RAM. The new kick stand is the another promising feature of Surface Pro 2. The 55 degree angle stand of Surface Pro 2 meaningful for better lap usage. The difficulty within the usage of kickstand of Surface Pro itself causes the introduction this new stand.Surface Pro 2

The new docking station for Surface Pro 2 contains 3 USB ports, one USB 3 and two USB 2 ports, also contains mini display port and Ethernet port. The new Windows 8.1 updation also coming to Surface Pro in short time.

The pre-ordering of Surface Pro 2 will start on 24th September, 2013. Official launching set for October 22nd, starting at a rate of $899.

The features remains unchanged in Surface Pro 2

The dimensions and weight of Surface Pro 2 remains unchanged as that of Surface Pro, 10.1 inch screen with 1080p display. The 32 oz weight of Surface Pro 2 not at all a bearing one. Also Surface Pro 2 boast same vaporMg casing exterior. The incbuilt apps from Microsoft like, Windows messenger, SkyDrive, Internet Explorer 10, Xbox and Bing remains unchanged, also the price tag as that of original Surface Pro.