What is new in re-designed Google Maps

In previous week we heard about Google’s plan to introduce new interface for Google Maps. They also put some images of redesigned Google Maps at that time. Today Google introduced re-designed Google Maps, at Google I/O event 2013. Let’s check what is new in re-designed Google Maps.

What is new in re-designed Google MapsAccording to Google they created a million of maps each one for you. This is the comment they said about new mapping interface. The re-designed Google Maps is just like an ideal tour guide who brings out the only the exact informations that matter to you. The new version of ultimate web mapping service rolling out officially in coming months.

What is new in re-designed Google Maps

The new interface within Google web mapping service highlights for contents. Upon the first look itself you will definitely get an idea where to gets start from. It brings only the informations that are matter to you according to the locations you have set there. Google also made many recommendations for you in various searches within Google Maps. Each search within the new Google Maps ends up with most accurate information regarding the search phrase.

With your customization on Google Maps they get idea about your home location, business place and location places. So that the Map can adapt you best ever services around you. It will accurately recommended restaurants, transportations, and various other services for you.Best mode of trasportation with Google Maps

The best part of Google Maps is the stunning imagery collection. It allows you to explore the world of beauty. With webGL enabled browsers like Google chrome one can discover world 3D photos as the new interface is integrated with Google earth. It includes various sections cities, isolated places, oceans…Etc.

With the redesigned Google Maps one can choose the best mode of transportation to gets one place to another. It includes by directions, car, bus, bike, walk and by flight. As we go through each mode of transportation the map brings the right information to make your journey at its right way. You can also make a request for new redesigned Google Maps if you can’t wait for official updation.